Tidy Desk

Hi! I'm Heba

I Guide, coach, and mentor families so they can sharpen those parenting skills and raise children who thrive.

It's more than books, workshops, mom groups, and family advice. 


  • It's someone to talk to and brainstorm with

  • It's professional advice that is tailored to your exact needs 

  • It's solutions that you can apply immediately

That's what I'm here for.

"I often rely on Heba's advice on child development and parenting.
Her tips are always valuable to me as she provides creative and effective tools to change my child's behavior."

Your Needs & My Skills?

I am particularly skilled at:

  • Parenting in a multicultural/multilingual family

  • Parenting children 0-12 years

  • Planning a smooth family transition/relocation

  • Helping children succeed at school

  • Finding the right-fit school ​

Do we have a match?

How Coaching With Me Looks Like

All coaching starts with a 1-hour virtual welcome call.

Based on that, we come up with a plan.


All sessions are 100% virtual and

100% tailored to your family's unique needs and expectations. 


Whether our commitment is for an hour or a year, I am fully dedicated to giving your family the support it needs to thrive. 

The way to succeed here is to:

  • Open your heart to new learning

  • Be prepared to see your family in a realistic light

  • Do what it takes to help your family thrive

"Heba delivers valuable advice and actionable plans for any challenge. She's super responsive and accommodating."

Speaking Events and Workshops


Schools, companies, organizations, and other groups...Hello! 

I would love to speak at your next event or create a class or workshop that fits your group's needs.

Please fill out this form to get started.