I am a Mom & Teacher

I know how it is like to "pave your own way" and figure it all out without the support of family and friends. 


Are you going through a similar experience? I have learned a lot along the way. I can help.

I've Worked With and For Children

Working in education for more than 16 years, I got to see children's needs from many different angles. I have:

  • Worked in both private & public school settings

  • Taught a variety of ages from toddlers to middle school

  • Coached Teachers

  • Supported districts and wrote/developed curricula

I've Been There

It has been 21 years since I left my home country to start on my own.

Along the way, I got married and started a family. 

Like many first-generation families, my husband and I had to learn it all from scratch and experience life on our own.

Our daughter, a happy and confident 13-year-old is an avid traveler. She speaks 4 languages and proudly calls 3 countries home.

I've Helped Other Parents

For more than 12 years, I have been helping parents:

  • Weave languages into their everyday activities in a fun and effective way

  • Raise happy, confident children through positive parenting and logical consequences

I am Ready To Empower Your Family

I am excited to share my experience and empower multicultural families like yours through every parenting step from birth to finding a school that fits your child's needs & family's expectations.