I am here to support and inspire you so you can parent at your best.

My approach is based on collaborative problem-solving. This is a continuous approach for the duration of your coaching package. Each session is an opportunity to tackle and resolve a parenting challenge. Between sessions is a time for questions, reflection, and guidance.

My goal is to make our time together as effective as possible. No fluff and no wasted time here. 

My Approach

Based on this approach, I share with you: 

  • Dependable tools and skills 

  • Answers that you can trust 

  • How to make the best of your family’s strengths

  • Ways to fix your parenting blindspots

  • How your parenting team works at its best 

  • Goals that strengthen your family

So that you can parent and enjoy your family from a place of knowledge and understanding.


Your Commitment

The way to succeed with my approach is to open your heart to new learning, be prepared to see your family in a realistic light, and to do what it takes to play to its strengths and help it succeed.