Tidy Desk

Hi! I'm Heba

Parenting coach for multicultural families and families living abroad. 

I help parents parent at their best no matter where they live. 

My work focuses on simple, practical, and reliable parenting tools that are based on both the latest in science and traditional wisdom. I study it all and then tailor it to each family's exact needs so they can truly parent at their best.

It is not about good parenting. It is about great parenting. You deserve it. Your child deserves it. Let's make it happen! 

Ready to up your parenting game?


Parent with knowledge and confidence

It's like your mother's parenting wisdom PLUS the latest research and best practices

Raise children who succeed in their environment

* Play and work independently

* Are resilient, resourceful, and learn from their mistakes 

* Know how to express themselves and minimize conflict

Without the need to yell or give time-outs.

Parent with calmness and control. Build a strong, positive relationship with your child.  

"I often rely on Heba's advice on child development and parenting. Her tips are always valuable to me as she provides creative and effective tools to change my child's behavior."

-- Mom of 2

Bilingual family in California


Unleash Your Child's Academic Potential

Get the inside scoop from a teacher who taught at both private and public schools for over 16 years

Understand the education system and how to:


* Give your child the best possible learning experience

* Communicate better with teachers

* Set realistic and achievable academic goals

* Find support when you need it

* Teach your child to study independently

Also, if you are considering a private school

* How to choose a school that best fits your child's needs and your expectations

Set your child up for success in school and beyond


Raise Bilingual (or Multilingual) Children

Learn it all from the mom of a miltilingual, and a teacher who trains teachers on how to teach language.

Connect your child with your family, culture, and heritage by:


* Mastering when and how to introduce new languages

* Learning tools and tips  

* Finding the right resources and support for your child

* Making practice fun for the whole family

Raise bilingual (or multilingual) children and bridge the family's language gap.

"As new parents, Heba played a big role as an advisor for my wife and me on how to deal with kids in the early childhood phase."

--Dad of 3

Multicultural family in Texas