You have been a superhero this year with messed up school schedules, too much house work, keeping up with your own work and personal goals, and doing it all by yourself or with very little help. 


Something's got to give, right?


That's why I am here, excited to cheer you on to the year's finish line

AND inspire you with a fresh set of sharpened parenting tools


so you can start 2021 strong and confident 

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I am sorry you missed it!

 I'm talking 3 one-hour parent coaching sessions (on Zoom) between now and January 15th, 2021 that you can use to

* Sharpen your positive parenting tools

* Replenish your family's social and emotional reserves

* Revive your child's interest in a world beyond screens 

* Maximize academic benefits from this year's schooling

Reset your own personal goals for the new year! 

Because you didn't come this far just to come this far, did you? 

You need a break. I am here for you. 

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