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3 Reasons Why I Celebrate All Major Holidays

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

I will start this post by asking, why not celebrate all major Holidays?

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate, and while I like to celebrate and welcome every reason to, I deliberately make a big deal of different celebrations in my family primarily for three reasons.

1. It is an education

Every celebration has a story that is part of a culture, heritage, or belief system. By celebrating them we get to learn about different cultures. It is like taking a family trip around the world every year.

2. There are two sides to every story

At first, the story may seem different, far fetched, or it might directly contradict our family's core values, but scratch the surface and what we find are humans celebrating their side of the story.

Holidays and celebrations tell more or less the same story. Stories from different countries are not unique, but they are celebrated in unique ways.

What we do is try to see both sides of the story and boil it all down to two categories: what we can learn and what we can celebrate.

3. We connect better with our community

If we know more about world cultures, we will connect better with each other and build stronger communities. What's a better way to learn about one another than the way we celebrate? The only better way I can think of is to celebrate together.

In the end, it doesn't matter where we grew up or what we believe in. We share many more similarities than differences at our core... and that by itself is worth celebrating.


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