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Flipped Classroom Model and Multicultural Students

Flipped classroom model is a fancy way of saying that students learn about the lesson before they go into the classroom. Classroom time is then used as a quick review, discussions, and practice rather than teaching the lesson in the traditional way.

In reality, this model is not new. Many generations of great students have been using this method individually to prepare for the next class by reading about in the provided textbook.

Teachers have also used this method by assigning a reading pre-class to give students a chance to use class time as a way to focus on understanding difficult concepts in the lesson.

This pre-learning method has served a very important purpose. It gave students plenty of opportunities to ask and clarify. It also allowed more time to process the lesson and magically heightened students' interest in the lesson.

Lately, this model has regained some popularity, especially with post-pandemic technological savviness. A teacher would assign an online reading or activity as homework before the lesson, then use class time to get straight into the core of that lesson.

This is great news for multicultural and linguistically non-native students, especially with the disappearing act of textbooks.

The model offers students an opportunity to:

  • Learn the lesson beforehand at their own pace and in their own language

  • Prepare their questions beforehand

This can be immensely helpful to both their core learning and their language development.

If you think that your child could benefit from the flipped classroom model, and that the school doesn't offer it, please reach out to your child's teacher and ask. Just ask!

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