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It Takes a Village...What's in a Village Anyway?

How many times have you heard "it takes a village to raise a child?"

How many times have you seen this village in action? If you are a multicultural parent or living abroad, there is a good chance you think that this village is more of a myth.

But it is not. It is very real, just maybe looks different from what you are expecting.

Here is an example. growing up, my village was my family, friends, and neighbors. There was a social expectation that these groups of people were there for each other and ready to help and support when and as needed.

Today, this same social expectation is still there, just with a different group of people.

If you live in a different country than the one you grew up in, you probably have a similar experience. If you don't, and you are struggling to figure out who is your village, then consider asking yourself this question:

Who would be there for me and my family and ready to help and support me when and as needed?

The answer to this question, be it friends, relatives, neighbors, babysitters/nannies, community members from where you go for activities or prayer or even support groups on social media in your local neighborhood. These are your village!

Not sure if these people would support you when you need their help? Ask.

While we are here, also ask yourself who you would be ready to support at a moment's notice. After all, it does take a village.

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