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Need Help Dealing With Constant Change? Hire A Toddler.

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Toddler at the beach holding determined to find balance and walk independently
Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

By design, children are hardwired to cope with change, especially toddlers. To them, everything is changing all the time. Their body, environment, and their interaction with their environment is changing every day for those two years as they transform from a sitting infant to a running, jumping, climbing preschooler.

So, how do they keep their balance through all these changes? They don't.

They fall again and they try again. When they finally gain some balance, they quickly lose it back to circumstances that are out of their control like an obstacle here or a corner there. Yet, every time you see them, they are always trying to reach a bit further or a little higher or keep their balance for just one more step. By the time they finally have it all together, no matter how many falls or hits that took, they are ready to celebrate with all their might.

A triumphant smile takes over their whole face followed by an attempt to clap or cheer or even giggle just loudly enough to disturb their balance again landing them straight back on the floor.

But that doesn't matter now, they can do it all again only faster and better this time.

The thing is that their survival depends on it. I have yet to meet a toddler who gives up in the middle of this process. No matter how many times they fall or get hurt on their journey to success, they keep at it until they can walk, and if they are walking they will go for running or jumping or climbing or kicking a ball but they will keep going. This is how a toddler succeeds, and they always succeed.

Also, I have yet to meet an adult who wasn't once a toddler.

What I am trying to say here is that we are wired for survival. Times will get tough and we will have many moments when we don't see an end to it. But just like toddlers, if we keep reaching just a little further, sooner or later we will emerge from this experience stronger and happier.

With skills that we already have, an ever-changing world can be transformed into a world of incredible growth and potential.


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