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Winning Against Uncertainty Re: School This Fall

School situation is up in the air, and with it is the job situation, our family routine, and our sanity.

But, while everything is in the hands of chance, there are plenty of opportunities that we can take advantage of this fall.

Here are my favorite five:

1. Uninterrupted learning is the king of all learning and teaching strategies.

As much as teachers hate to interrupt a learning child, the truth is that bells ring and things have to change. At home, giving a child uninterrupted learning and playing time is totally doable. It also gives you more time to get your work done.

2. Real Family time can actually happen.

We may be supersaturated with family time right now, but think about it, before Coronavirus spending this much time with our children was a far-fetched dream. Now that we have family time, maybe what we need is a routine that maximizes the joy out of it. We have a golden opportunity now to build some memories and watch our children grow. A very rare opportunity indeed.

3. If your family is multilingual/multicultural,

Then you understand how valuable this extra immersion time is for your child. Take advantage of this opportunity. Stick to this language whenever possible, set up regular virtual calls with family and friends, and of course sing, play, and read!

4. Rushing to and from work is minimized.

I don't know about you, but I hated rushing in the morning to drop off my daughter and get to work on time. Then, later in the day, interrupting my work to rush through insane traffic to pick her up from school before it is too late. None of that is needed now.

5. My work/my time.

Things need to get done and deadlines never stop, sure! But, we are in control of our working schedule, which is a big deal when we have a family with endless needs and interruptions. As long we are getting our work done and meeting those deadlines, we can get it done whenever, dressed in whatever, looking like...rockstars!

Because that's what we are.

What are your favorite five?

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