Coaching Services

All services are virtual and available worldwide.


Need a quick lifeline?

Because some days are just like that! 

You have it all under control for the most part but this one nagging question or problem won't leave you alone.

Here is a quick, easy stop for you to get that question out of your way so you can focus on quality time with your family.


This is a 30-minute call. Schedule any time you need it.  

1:1 Coaching



Be the great parent you deserve to be, and give your children the highest chances for success that they deserve to have. 


When we picked up and left our home country, we were focused on building better opportunities for ourselves and our children. So why are we settling now for half solutions to our parenting needs?

Our family and friends mean well, books are full of fascinating statistics, and locals know their local system. None of them have an answer or solution that fits just right.


Do we settle for mediocre, half-patched parenting, then?

You could, but you don't have to.

That's why I decided to weave knowledge, experience, and culture together with the best practices and the latest in science and research into parenting guidance that is tailored exactly to your family's needs.  


Write your own parenting book. The one that works for your family.   

So go ahead, follow your dreams!

I will be here to guide you through every step so you can parent at your best no matter where you live. 




Get the coaching you deserve!

These sessions are tailored exactly to your family's needs and geared directly towards achieving your parenting goals.

Let's dive straight into problem-solving.

I am here to support you, so you can parent effectively and enjoy your family to the fullest.

Ask me about:

       Parenting calmly with confidence and control. 

       Finding the peace of mind to get your work done.

       Kids learned nothing this year?  How to make up the school year in a few short months.

       Turning your home into a space that works for your family's current needs.

       Active child at home? How to create a safe active outlet at home even in the smallest of spaces.

       Giving your children the confidence they need to get their work done independently.

       Finding yourself an hour or two to take a break from it all and focus on taking care of yourself.

       Raising bilingual/multilingual children.

       Big changes? Relocating or changing schools? No worries! Manage this transition like a boss!

All coaching sessions include:

  • A 30-minute set-up call 

  • Resources, Tips, and tools to help you make impactful changes

  • Unlimited parenting support between sessions (email and SMS) 

  • Each session is 60 min long. All sessions are virtual (zoom or similar) and available worldwide

Not sure where to start? 

Book a consultation call with me and I will point you in the right direction. 

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Join our growing international parent group on Facebook. 


We share information, learn from each other, and celebrate our successes together. 

You are welcome to join us no matter where you are or how far along you are in your parenting journey. 

You don't have to do this alone anymore.